wireless 6 ch surveillance / spy nanny cameras
Keep track of 4 areas at once. Sit at
your desk and know whats going on at
the cash register entry parts counter  
anyplace you want piece of   mind.
Wireless 6-Channel Color System with 4-Cameras and Receiver • Great COLOR camera system to watch over your home, warehouse, office, retail business, or children • Use your existing TV/monitor for viewing, and a VCR if you want to record • Cameras transmits wireless so you don’t have to deal with running cables • You get 4-cameras, a 6-channel receiver, power adaptors, and mounting hardware • Easy to set up • Transmission/Receiving Frequency: 1.2g Transmission Power 300 mW Distance 100-300' Horizontal Definition 320 Line Frequency System PAL/NTSC Power Adapters
This package includes
4 x 300mW  wireless color cameras
1 x 6ch addressable switchable receiver
1 x detachable antenna
1 x set connection cables to tv or vcr
4 x 110v 240v ac to 12v dc adapters for cameras
1 x 110v 240v ac to 12v dc adapter for receiver
4 x 9v battery clips for cameras (
makes cameras portable)
6 channel
manual or auto scan
detachable antenna
operation frequency 1.2GHz
output rca jack
voltage 12v dc
power consumption 1.2 w
weight 200 grams
no sound
If you would like the same system as above with 6
cameras order here. The system above with 6
cameras is $272.95 use button below to order.
With 6 cameras
6 channel wireless surveillance /nanny spy cameras
Color cameras come in both NTSC
Minimum illumination 3 lux
Focus adjustable from 30mm to
Horiz. viewing angle 50 degrees
Range 100' to 300'
voltage 6-9 vdc
current 90 mA
Weight 20 grams
size 25x25x15 mm
6 channel Spy-Nanny cam surveillance System  with 4  cameras $198.95