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AWESOME MORPHING ACTION & ROLLOVER MANEUVER! One of DSI Electronics groundbreaking new attractions is its radio control vehicle known as the Insector. With its huge size at 1 foot 3" long and futuristic looking movements, the Gearhead Insector hugs the road on tight corners, glides smoothly over rough terrain, and can actually flip itself back over if it lands on its back! Use the Organic Mechanix™ feature to perform amazing acrobatic tricks. This incredible technology transforms R/C racing into an entirely new perspective! Special racing features include awesome morphing action that looks unreal as the Insector turns 180° or 360° in one quick bolt! Two point articulation to aid in turns and an Insector roll over maneuver that will have you and your friends watch in shock and awe! The Insector is one of the most amazing R/C vehicles to hit the market........you just can't stop it! Requires one 9V alkaline battery (not included) Includes one (1) Nikko 6.0v NiCd rechargeable battery pack and charger! Model No: 27130 Weight: 6.0 Lbs
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