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This package includes
4 x 300mW  wireless color
1 x 6ch addressable
switchable receiver
1 x detachable antenna
1 x set connection cables to
tv or vcr
4 x 110v 240v ac to 9v dc
adapters for cameras
1 x 110v 240v ac to 12v dc
adapter for receiver
4 x 9v battery clips for
cameras ( makes cameras
Your price $198.95
Wireless 6-Channel Color Wireless Surveillance System with 4-Cameras and Receiver • Great COLOR camera system to watch over your home, warehouse, office, retail business, or children • Use your existing TV/monitor for viewing, and a VCR if you want to record • Cameras transmits wireless so you don’t have to deal with running cables • You get 4 wireless surveillance cameras, a 6-channel receiver, power adaptors, and mounting hardware • Easy to set up • Transmission/Receiving Frequency: 1.2g Transmission Power 300 mW Distance 100-300' Horizontal Definition 320 Line Frequency System PAL/NTSC Power Adapters
6 channel
manual or auto scan
detachable antenna
operation frequency 1.2GHz
output rca jack
voltage 12v dc
power consumption 1.2 w
weight 200 grams
no sound
If you would like the same system as above with 6
cameras order here. The system above with 6
cameras is $272.95 use button below to order.
Color cameras come in both NTSC
Minimum illumination 3 lux
Focus adjustable from 30mm to
Horiz. viewing angle 50 degrees
Range 100' to 300'
voltage 6-9 vdc
current 90 mA
Weight 20 grams
size 25x25x15 mm
With 6 cameras
Car wash security cameras capture coin-box thieves
CLEVELAND — Footage of thieves at a local unattended carwash has been caught by wirelrss security cameras, leaving carwash operators in the area with hopes that the crimes will stop, according to The Cleveland Advocate. Two white males driving a late-model white Chevy extended cab truck with no license plates broke into a coin-operated machine at Auto Spa in Cleveland. They got away with approximately $600, and did over $2,000 damage to the door of the automatic wash, the article said. However, wireless security cameras at the location were able to catch one burglar in the act, wearing white coveralls, a dark knitted cap and dark gloves, the paper reported. In late March, Ken Butler's CenTex Car Wash in Cleveland was also burglarized, and his security camera was equally quick to capture the crime on film. Interestingly, the vehicle pictured on that video bears a striking resemblance to the white Chevy on the Auto Spa tape, the article stated. Scott and Michelle Jones, owners of Auto Spa, said in the article that they have learned that a similar white truck has also been spotted near other local carwashes, all of which were also burglarized. Close examination of the videotapes have allowed police to give a detailed description of the vehicle photographed by the security cameras in an attempt to track the thieves, according to the report. Carwash surveillance cameras have helped solve a number of crimes in recent months, including the alleged kidnapping and murder of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia
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Know whats going on without leaving your desk
50% of business lose money due to
employee theft. These wireless surveillance  
cameras can run on battery's and can be put
anywhere. Hide cameras where the need is
With these color wireless surveillance cameras
Wireless surveillance is easy with this wireless
surveillance system. The 4 quarter size cameras
will transmit live
color video through walls and
floors receiver connects to any TV or VCR. You can
add 2 additional cameras if you feel the need. Easy
to install in 20 minutes.